Working Bees

Our working bees are on the last Sunday of each month.

Gardeners can spread their efforts of getting their four working bees in before the end of each financial year by adopting Jenni’s good idea to do two between July and Christmas and then have only two to do between January and June. Many are attending many more working bees and we thank them for that, but we really only have to do four, attending and working on communal jobs (not on individual gardener plots) for at least two hours between the hours of 9.00am and 12.00. Hoses/watering, during working bees, are for communal jobs.

Every gardener is asked to run at least one working bee per year. There are guidelines in the shed and committee members are always happy to help with advice about what needs addressing. Organisers have done a spectacular job over the past 12 months. A huge amount has been accomplished by gardeners in general, much shared, and a lot of laughs had. Also yummy shared plates of food and refreshing tea and coffee is always enjoyed at the end of the working bee – we love tasting everyone’s experiments whether sensational award winning delights or a little bit n.q.r!!


Visitors can pop in during this time and have a look around or even lend a hand. Please introduce yourself on arrival – we love showing off what we have achieved!


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