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November Working Bee

It wasn’t a promising start to the November working bee, as a rainy and grey morning greeted us. However the showers cleared and the rain seemed to give our gardeners a burst of energy. Our small group was very productive, achieving lots of tasks and working together as a dynamic team.

Four hazelnut trees were successfully transplanted, finding a new home along the north fence. The recent rain and warm weather had meant that some areas of the garden were rather overgrown, so lots of good weeding and whipper-snippering helped. We planted out the new communal vegie bed, and even found some space behind the hot house that was perfect for planting pumpkins.

Kay and Peter gave us an excellent walk around the garden, pointing out some of the changes that have taken place across the site. This includes a number of impressive new garden beds, which gardeners will make excellent use of.

We hope to see everyone for our twilight working bee and Christmas party, 6pm on Sunday 17 December.

Kate and Gill


September working bee

Our first Spring working bee dawned cold and very wet especially as some of our gardeners decided to make a very early start, then again it’s never too early to go to a working bee. However,  the rain abated and the cold was tempered by our trusty fire masters – Pete, Malachy and Murphy.

The jobs completed included:

  • emptying of one of the compost bays and rescuing the beautiful compost that the rats must have hauled out and munched through on the outside perimeter (they did a great job of it!!)
  • weeding and composting of the raspberries on the south side of the gardens (behind the Tree Project potting shed)
  • clearing of a plot on the north side ready for planting
  • a sortin’ and a  sweepin’ and a tidyin’ of the ‘tool shed’
  • weeding and clearing of the outside south perimeter
  • weeding of the north perimeter to halt the creep of the weeds
  • bracing of the wicking bed that seems to have split its sides
  • planting of peas and lettuce into the communal wicking beds

Whew, we did all this in about 2 hours, it was a fantastic effort.  Then it was time for the AGM and … morning tea. It was great to see so many people at the working bee, talking, working, playing, laughing, having fun and eating  a delicious morning tea – some of  the reasons why we community garden!


August Working Bee

After a very rainy night and early morning hail some very optimistic gardeners gathered for the last winter working bee for this year.  A lot got done, despite several showers when we ran for cover and huddled in the shed.  Soil was transferred from beds being claimed by the NEPA works, soil level in some beds was built up and trays of seeds were planted.   I am pleased to see that our seeds have already germinated thanks to our dedicated waterers:)

Our watering roster is now in place and will be especially important as the weather warms up. We need 2 more volunteers to water on Fridays and Saturdays so please let me know if you’re able to help out here. Our waterers are as follows:
Mon – Ken
Tue – Kyllie
Wed – Louise
Thu – Alan
Fri – volunteer needed please
Sat – volunteer needed please
Sun -Kay

Remember the September working bee will also be the AGM.
Happy gardening,
Rose & Kyllie

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Almost Solstice Working Bee – 25 June

‘Twas a small group that made it to the last working bee of our garden year. Our number may have been small but our hearts were big.

We planted, pruned, paid attention to the rampant mint and over morning tea we pontificated. In fact we pontificated for a very long time – thanks to the sterling effort of Karen who arranged our firewood which came all the way from Dookie.

We had warm toes, full bellies and smoke in our eyes. We enjoyed the chat around the fire so much that a decision was made to have it as a regular feature of our winter working bees (June, July and August) – so keep an eye out for some wood for our July working bee.

Julia has a chilli plant that she would like to get rid of. If anyone would like it please help yourself. Her plot is right in front of the green shed.

Stay warm and see you at the July working bee (Sunday 30th July)

Working bee – 28 May

A small but effective group gathered at the garden on 28 May after a night of rain. Happily, the rain held off and we worked in mostly blue skies for the morning. All jobs had a ‘getting ready for big changes’ focus:

  • Pruning the crepe myrtles in the middle of the east west pathway to enable machinery to traverse this path in the future.
  • A major renovation job on the hazelnut canes growing on the same path and some very sturdy framework erected for training the lateral canes into their new espaliered shape.
  • More pruning to make way for new paths that will be constructed at the entrance to make the garden more accessible to and from Interact.
  • Digging out of many of the fruit trees in preparation for their new homes.

All present appreciated the update on the timeline and scope of works for the ongoing level crossing removal program.

We managed to be packed up after a warming morning tea before the afternoon rains returned – well done everyone.

Kathy, Ken and Annette


May working bee

Hello gardeners,

img_9550_Fairfield community garden

Fairfield Community Garden’s next working bee will be held on:

Sunday 28 May, 9am-12noon

Kathy, Ken and Annette are organising the May working bee and look forward to another grand morning together. The plan (below) for the morning is as follows – a bit different in format but still entailing a bit of physical work and a splendid, shared morning tea.

* Around 10am will plan to have a walk around and chat about the revised timeline and plans for the garden in light of the Level Crossing Removal works

* Clean up and preparation of the two main east-west paths and other areas where landscape toppings are to be laid

* Trimming back shrubs/trees in preparation for works

* Helping one another organise items to be variously sent to the offset area for storage, thrown out,  or boxed up for relocation to other plots.

* Working out a clear and simple way (labeling included) for contractors to identify items to be taken to the offset area

* Assisting members who may wish to remove trees they are taking on the day, and working out strategies for non-members to provide assistance to collect their trees.

* Morning tea

Hope to see you all there!