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Date scone recipe


Mathilde also shared the recipe for the delicious date scones that she brought to the working bee. Enjoy!


Jerusalem artichoke soup recipes

We harvested a bumper crop of Jerusalem artichokes at the working bee on Sunday. Here are a few soup recipes that some of the gardeners have shared, to help us make the most of our harvest!





Basil butter

If you have a bounty of basil you may want to preserve some for the coming months…

One delicious way is to make basil butter…

So grab your food processor and start with a nice big block of room temperature butter (it should be soft enough to squeeze a dent in the block)
Throw in big bunch of basil and blend!

Spoon out your basil butter onto a sheet of baking paper and roll into a log. Chuck this back in your freezer, and set the alarm! Once it has become ‘set’ cut it into 1cm thick rounds. I then wrap them individually in gladwrap or put them into a container with baking paper between each layer.

The beauty of this is it preserves the flavour of the basil throughout the year… and you can throw one anytime on top of an egg, corn cob, slab of bread, bowl of pasta, the list goes one!

Garden Party Tartlets



Another easy idea for your Christmas party food to use up all the spinach in your garden is Spinach and Ricotta tartlets. Just use the spanakopita mixture and then spoon into a square of puff pastry lining each muffin tin (mini or regular size). Bake until firm on top! Yum!!! Make extra these go quickly!!!!

Recipe – Harvest Vege Pizza

Are you harvesting Beetroot, Spring Onion, Tomatoes, Oregano and Zucchini at the moment?

Here is some pizza topping inspiration for you all from Anna:
1 Medium size beetroot – chop into little squares
Handful of oregano
1 x Zucchini sliced finely and use as layer over the tomato sauce
1-2 chopped spring onions – chopped roughly
Handful of feta cheese, mozzarella and walnuts and drizzle of olive oil if you feel like hitting the shops!