December Working Bee and Christmas Celebration

A small band of members gathered at FCG for our traditional pre-Christmas working bee on December 17.

It was a lovely evening and ideal gardening weather.

Jeff and John disappeared up ladders with a variety of instruments, in an attempt to repair the wind sail which has stretched, creating a small lake every time it rains.

Unfortunately, their best endeavours came to nought – Jeff will be contacting some specialist help to get quotes to fix the wind sail professionally – quotes to be provided to committee for review.

Jeff and John then emptied the middle worm bath to check the drainage – a blockage was identified which will be removed by Jeff before we recommence the placement of vegetable scraps in the bath.

Anna, Louise and Ruby did sterling work removing half the compost from Bin A and spreading it around various communal and other areas in the garden.

Ngaire did some further weeding around the communal beds – we attempted to weed the area under the wind sail, but it is packed down hard and impossible to do by hand – Eco Oil called for.

Kay dropped in to say hello and we were also delighted to welcome Pete and delicious chocolate cake as well as De Grebner, manager of Tree Project.

A pleasant and relaxing supper was enjoyed by all to end a somewhat turbulent year for FCG in a spirit of conviviality.


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