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Working Bee – 26 March 2017

We were blessed with lovely weather again (possibly the last Bee requiring sun-block before next Spring)!

Wonderful teamwork today as we weeded the herb and citrus garden beds, cleared the main corridor from the Interact fence to the big tree and fixed up furniture. Kay gave the crepe myrtle a lovely prune and it is now very elegant and shapely. The old wheelbarrows and boxes that had been used as planters were placed on the external boundary for recycling to new homes (takers welcome) or for eventual dumping.

The sharing of abundant community produce at the morning tea was wonderful. The apples, Annette’s pumpkin, quinces etc were all really delicious!

Thanks to Annette, Ken, Louise, Jazz, Selena, Kate, Kay, Anna, Kylie & Karen as well as Friends of the Garden; Trace, Andrew & Sarah, Mia plus little worker bees Arie & Billy for coming as helpers today! Lovely to see people from our wider community again!

March Working Bee

Hello Gardeners,

Fairfield Community Garden’s next working bees will be held on 

March 26th 9am-12noon

Tasks for these working bees – see the whiteboard on the days!

Hope to see you all there 🙂