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Working Bee – Feb 2017

On what turned out to be a very hot and steamy morning, the February working bee kicked into gear.

Compost bay A was emptied and most of the compost was used to replenish the bed around the water tank. Some of the finer compost was bagged up for CH James, the café on Station Street from whom we collect food scraps and coffee grounds. The remaining compost has been stockpiled near the communal herb garden and gardeners are invited to help themselves to it. A pair of secateurs has been tied up next to the compost bin so that large pieces of plant waste can be readily cut down before being added to the bins.

The areas around the sheds were weeded and received a general tidy-up. Unwanted bits of garden furniture, plastic plant pots, and this and that were gathered together ready for disposal.

The fit-out of the second new shed was completed, including the additional of a crazy paving floor.

During the well-earned morning tea break, gardeners were updated on the level crossing removal works and FCG’s strategy for adapting to these changes.

The working bee was very productive thanks to the collective energy of the garden community and stands us in good stead as we head optimistically into a changing future.


Working Bee – January 29

We enjoyed a beautiful day last Sunday – a perfect setting for our working bee. We had a good turnout, including a couple of interested. potential members who joined in energetically – a great deal was accomplished.

The emphasis was on having a major clean up inside the fence as summer growth was making the space look rather unkempt, as well as finishing the second shed after the supreme effort of Kathy Robb and Allan who erected it before Christmas.

The second shed team dug holes, poured concrete and finished the tying down of the corners to ensure the shed doesn’t blow away (!) as well as lining the floor with black plastic prior to laying pavers. It was amazing how a search of the garden produced nearly enough for the space………..Chris Jobling’s generous donation of a number of remnant pavers will see the work complete. Straw and manure were moved into the area plus all the tools. The dreaded old cupboards are heading to the tip! Tara and Amber painted boards, ably directed by Ruby, so we will shortly have meaningful signs for the compost bins, as well as a tool board to be hung on the wall of the second shed.

Another group weeded around the compost bins and worm baths and laid black plastic and bricks to deter the rats.

Communal paths and beds, the shelter and sheds’ surrounds were thoroughly weeded and mulched and I think we can all feel a bit prouder of our garden as a result.