Monthly Archives: November 2016

November Working Bee

Thank you to all who contributed to our working bee on Sunday. The showers didn’t stay for long and we were able to get lots done, including  the usual spruce up of the communal beds, redistributing a full bay of compost, planting out a couple of beds of San Marzano tomatoes (best for passata making).
The hothouse and seedling areas were tidied and there are many seedlings in the hardening off areas ready to plant out.
Thanks to Rose for her important information on the Grange Rd railway upgrade/ rezoning and the likely effect on the community garden.  Several separate submissions to protect our garden from the effects of possible rezoning were written by community garden members.

The cumquat marmalade was a success! Our team were super organised and everybody went home with a jar of this tasty spread. Just another great example of the way everybody benefits from the communal plots.