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Autumn is coming…

Kyllie took these beautiful pics of her garden on monday!



Easter working bee

Dear Fairfield gardeners (and beyond), 
This Easter Sunday, 27th of March will be our first Autumn working bee and we would love to see you there if you are around for this long week-end.

We’ll be making the garden a better place by caring for the following:

* weeding around the new shelter area, as well as the rest of the central path leading up to the existing mulched area and the areas around the two community gardens between the shed and the new shelter (main focus!)

* mowing the existing lawn areas 

* pot up seedlings from hot house and put out to harden off

* removing couch from pathway east of the new covered area between the new surface and the sunflower community bed

* the rubble clean up, a lot of the preliminary work has been done but if any gardeners or friends can assist by taking home some of the rubbish/scrap wood/minor rubble that would be a big help.

We’ll start at 9am and as usual there will be a list of tasks for all abilities on the whiteboard. Around 11.30am, our efforts will be rewarded by a brunch under the new (and hopefully freshly weeded) shelter area, so please bring along of deliciousness with you.

We look forward to seeing you all there,

Liz, Mathilde and …