Working bee – May 2015

The May working bee was organised by Anna, Freya and Yvonne with assistance from Annette and Louise.

The primary focus of the morning was completing construction of the compost bins and then returning all the temporarily stored compost back into the bins – KA was the overseer of the return of compost to the bins. KA and Anna were the primary compost layerers whilst several people were involved in shovelling compost into wheelbarrows, whilst others wheeled them across to the bins – everyone was very busy for a considerable time!

Those not involved in the compost project were allocated to the weeding team – Briony was this team’s overseer. The weeding team primarily tackled the area around the water tank, and along the railway line fence.

The food was appetising and delicious for the morning cuppa.

The working bee was well attended, achieved a lot, and with great good humour.

20150531_092112 20150531_085834 20150531_085949 20150531_085742 20150531_092100 20150531_085953


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