Sunny Sunday working bee

Thanks to everyone who helped out today! 

From babes-in-arms to helpful hubbies with socket sets, to a new smiling neighbour and all in between! It was a fabulous group today, with lots achieved – removal of the garden bed closest to the gate to make way for the new pathway, as well as a good haircut and mulch of Guiseppe’s herb garden which had become rather wild, to the chunking up of the green matter left lying around after last Monday for the compost, and the repositioning of some signage. 

Welcome to Lily, our newest gardener, who will be taking on a small plot outside the seed shed. Lovely to have young enthusiasm! There are bundles of herbs tied to the gate from today’s pruning of Guiseppe’s garden – these are free to the community – thanks to Lily for making this happen! 

Also, check out the crazy gourds at the back of the garden – some of these could be part of the comedy fest! 


Growing lil gardeners!


Is that a watermelon on the vine top left? And how about that gourd up the back! 


Amazingly abundant cucumbers!


A well deserved haircut!


A job is easy with the right tools!! Going, going gone!

Thanks to everyone for the delicious feast afterwards too! 

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