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Recipe – Zucchini fritters

There are an abundance of zucchinis in individual plots at the moment, and this calls for some culinary experimentations…

Zucchini fritters can be knocked together with staples from the pantry and garden:

2-3 Grated zucchini
2-3 Eggs
1/2 cup self raising flour
Salt & Pepper
Lots of chopped Fresh herbs from garden

Extra goodness:
Feta or mozzarella cheese
Zest of lemon

Serve with Aioli 🙂 and garnish with edible flowers!!

If it seems too wet add a bit more flour or let them bake in the oven to finish off after cooking your spoonfuls on the hot pan.


From Anna and Bridget


Recipe – Harvest Vege Pizza

Are you harvesting Beetroot, Spring Onion, Tomatoes, Oregano and Zucchini at the moment?

Here is some pizza topping inspiration for you all from Anna:
1 Medium size beetroot – chop into little squares
Handful of oregano
1 x Zucchini sliced finely and use as layer over the tomato sauce
1-2 chopped spring onions – chopped roughly
Handful of feta cheese, mozzarella and walnuts and drizzle of olive oil if you feel like hitting the shops!


Everything’s Growing!

Welcome to 2015 at the Fairfield Community Garden! There is a lot going on, different people and different groups involved in various projects to improve the garden. The January newletter has just gone out to all our members. Check out the compost bin Bridget made out of an old drum with help from Annette… They cut off the top and bent it so it would function as a lid and drilled holes in a drain pipe which is sitting inside to provide more air for the compost… From Anna988970_10153101697417932_2354098093210118769_n 1511654_10153101697342932_7647307257096654947_n 10445927_10153101697262932_7176760683702219503_n