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August Working Bee

A very successful working bee,  organised by Liz, Louise and Bill on Sunday, saw splendid array of new trees planted out, seed sowing proceeding in a methodical way, more weed mat plucked from its subterranean subversiveness, lawn mowing, soil sieving, weeding and little figures appearing as if by magic on the little windmill. And then there was another fabulous morning tea and a debrief on Mongolia given by Yvonne.  A great job by a very spare but slick team.

Liz is encouraging people to adopt a tree or set of trees near you to water over these critical months.There is a lot of work going into the communal endeavours, our collective green capital. Please get on board and nominate to give consistent help in these areas. I am happy to direct your offers to the relevant people if you would like to email your thoughts on practical assistance.



Veg Out St Kilda Trip

FCG and friends pedal down to St Kilda Community Garden (VEG OUT) on Sunday 10th August, to get ideas and enjoy the day together A splendid day, documented by Anna Rees with these very fine photos


Bikes leaning up in their social area around a firepit. Social area includes a bar, outdoor kitchen, large communal table, sandpit for the kiddies, a huge green grassy lawn and a stage!

Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4912 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4913 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4914


Great idea using old wire baskets as protective shield over seedlings.

Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4915 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4916 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4917 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4918 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4919


Everything including the kitchen sink!



All the veg out beds have their own letterboxes for communications!

John talking to us about hot composting and their system for making lovely community compost – gardens looked very lush because of it!

Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4921 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4922 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4923 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4924 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4925 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4926

Unique little touches to individual plots


Garden beds! Literally!



Guinea pigs and chickens on site.

Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4930 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4931 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4932


Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4933 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4934 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4935 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4936 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4938Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4939  Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4945 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4946 Fairfield-community-garden-field-trip_4947

Exiting the garden; off to lunch near Luna Park; and then a ride back via the beach through Port Melbourne, the city, and on to Northcote/Fairfield.

Chat to Matt, Karen, Louise, Cheryl, Liz, Ken, Ruby, Annette or Anna about the day.