Fairfield Community Garden has several plots becoming available and we are keen to hear from interested local gardeners. If you are interested, please email fairfieldcommgarden@gmail.com and we can get in touch with you.

Please note:

  • We have around 20 plot holders and at the moment everyone is enjoying picking fresh summer produce.
  • Besides looking after your own plot, you will be asked to participate in 4 working bees each year to help with general upkeep of the site and also to care for our communal crops.
  • We recently harvested garlic and potatoes for members to share.
  • You will be eligible for a plot after you have completed two working bees.
  • Our working bees are held on the last Sunday of each month from 9.00 –
  • 11.30 am (with a wonderful morning tea!)
  • Next working bees are Sunday 27 Mar, 24 Apr, 29 May 2022

If you are interested, get in touch, come to a working bee and meet members, have a look around, put on your gardening gloves and join in. We look forward to meeting you!


Thank you to Community Bank Clifton Hill-North Fitzroy

The members of Fairfield Community Garden offer their sincere gratitude to Community Bank Clifton Hill-North Fitzroy for their recent community grant of $1,000. The grant will be used to finish portable garden beds currently under construction at the garden. Thanks to the grant, we are now able to expand the membership of the garden to include more community members than ever before!

The very last working bee of 2019

With the festive season upon us, it was time for the last working bee of the year!


A touch of festive cheer was added to the Garden, with a wreath on the fence and plots coming to life with Summer produce.

It was another successful working bee, and after lots of pruning and weeding done the garden was looking fabulous.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at the Fairfield Community Garden!

November 2019 Working Bee

The garden was lucky enough to receive a large amount of compost, courtesy of Darebin City Council (and their new initiative to collect food scraps in green bins).

With so much compost to distribute, a great majority of the working bee was spent filling wheelbarrows and bags full of compost to put on individual plots and communal garden beds. This was definitely a job to get the heart rate up!

 All hands on deck with compost distribution

Of course, there was also weeding to be done, with a few committed gardeners even scaling fences to get those weeds growing in the hardest places to reach.

With so many gardeners present for such a beautiful Spring morning working bee, the jobs were ticked off in no time and gardeners could fill their bellies with the delicious baked goods that were shared at morning tea!

October 2019 Working Bee

There was a great turn out to the October Working Bee, which coincided with the Garden’s AGM.

Many hands made light work, with gardeners weeding around the raspberry bush, fences, and other garden beds. Compost was spread around communal areas, and the gravel was cleaned with great finesse.

After a morning of work in the garden, the AGM was held with great success. All of the Garden’s dedicated committee members nominated themselves to continue in their positions – thank you Kay, Louise, Maggie and Ngaire!

IMG_9057 Gardeners enjoying morning tea during the AGM

With Spring upon us, many of the plots are now filled with tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and more.. We are looking forward to watching these babies grow!

All of the plots are looking fabulous, with newly planted Spring seedlings.


March Working Bee

It was a small but dedicated band of gardeners that attended the working bee. The NEPA works were barely audible!

We emptied the worm bath onto the bed in preparation for planting garlic. The worm baths are now up and running. Jeff is making a sign to indicated which baths are ready to accept food scraps and which are in rest mode – watch out for those signs!

One bed was prepared for planting onions (no sheep poo, as they like the soil pretty plain). The sunflowers were stripped of their leaves and snow peas were planted at the base.

The area between the igloo and the wicking beds was weeded and mulched, as was the area between the citrus bed and Louise, Pete and Ruby’s plot.

Wheelbarrows now float along as Jeff has pumped up all the tyres!

Jeff made a start on cleaning out and tidying the locked metal shed and will continue at the next working bee.

We also started pruning the apricot tree, on the north side of the garlic/onion bed, but it will need some further attention with a saw. Louise volunteered to continue with this later.

As usual, a delicious morning tea was had by all.

That’s it ’til next working bee, on Sunday 29th April. Grange Rd re-opens on 6th April, so there will be no need to take a cut lunch and sleeping bag to the plot anymore!


Oriana, Jeff, Ngaire and Louise

February Working Bee

Such beautiful, sunny weather for our end of Summer working bee on Sunday 25th Feb 2018.

Plenty of weeds were removed around the apple, apricot trees and edges of the fence to be composted. Our green lawns were mowed well and the weeds and rockery around the first shed rearranged and significantly improved.

Kendra’s photos below look great! Especially of the hard work from Alan around the garden flower bed behind the kitchen shed. Thanks Kendra!

Short but effective day, and hope that sowing and planting of those Autumn flowers, shrubs and vegetables turn out fantastic.

Selena and Chris


December Working Bee and Christmas Celebration

A small band of members gathered at FCG for our traditional pre-Christmas working bee on December 17.

It was a lovely evening and ideal gardening weather.

Jeff and John disappeared up ladders with a variety of instruments, in an attempt to repair the wind sail which has stretched, creating a small lake every time it rains.

Unfortunately, their best endeavours came to nought – Jeff will be contacting some specialist help to get quotes to fix the wind sail professionally – quotes to be provided to committee for review.

Jeff and John then emptied the middle worm bath to check the drainage – a blockage was identified which will be removed by Jeff before we recommence the placement of vegetable scraps in the bath.

Anna, Louise and Ruby did sterling work removing half the compost from Bin A and spreading it around various communal and other areas in the garden.

Ngaire did some further weeding around the communal beds – we attempted to weed the area under the wind sail, but it is packed down hard and impossible to do by hand – Eco Oil called for.

Kay dropped in to say hello and we were also delighted to welcome Pete and delicious chocolate cake as well as De Grebner, manager of Tree Project.

A pleasant and relaxing supper was enjoyed by all to end a somewhat turbulent year for FCG in a spirit of conviviality.


November Working Bee

It wasn’t a promising start to the November working bee, as a rainy and grey morning greeted us. However the showers cleared and the rain seemed to give our gardeners a burst of energy. Our small group was very productive, achieving lots of tasks and working together as a dynamic team.

Four hazelnut trees were successfully transplanted, finding a new home along the north fence. The recent rain and warm weather had meant that some areas of the garden were rather overgrown, so lots of good weeding and whipper-snippering helped. We planted out the new communal vegie bed, and even found some space behind the hot house that was perfect for planting pumpkins.

Kay and Peter gave us an excellent walk around the garden, pointing out some of the changes that have taken place across the site. This includes a number of impressive new garden beds, which gardeners will make excellent use of.

We hope to see everyone for our twilight working bee and Christmas party, 6pm on Sunday 17 December.

Kate and Gill